Class Notes 11/12/2020

Dirty Computer by Janelle Monae – Class Thoughts 

  • Was very Different 
  • Back and Forth between music and the plot 
  • Presentation was very rich and colorful 
  • Janelle shows to be heavily influenced by the idea of Afrofuturism 


Janelle “ I am the American nightmare, I am the American Dream” ( Expresses that the American dream is to yes be free, but in what space and context if this freedom allowed?:Race, gender, etc) 


Science Fiction Tropes 

  • Higher technology 
  • The Sound (Music) 
  • Abandonment of humanity (Androids, cyborgs, emotion) 
  • Names of people-using numbers in names is common in science fiction 

(Robert-Similar to gamer tags in which using number in your name is almost required so there are no duplicates) 


Thoughts and Ideas

Oscar- “The way that the movie was structured and formulated really paved a theory I had about humans, since taking psychology in High School. I was formulating a theory about what humans have become to follow due to their confusion. And this film showed that humans have begun to confuse lust for love, this is due to the amount of things she(Janelle) said throughout the film” 


Myself-When it comes to conforming, society always rejects people that are different, until it can be used and exploited 


“People worked so hard to be free. You were lucky (Could be the idea that people in modern times have life easier than those who came before) 


Ending of Dirty Computers may represent the saying ‘You can not fix what is not broken” 


Lack of Representation in Science Fiction for African Americans 


Project Info and Etc 

Theme for project – Race and Science Fiction, but does not mean it is solely on African Americans. Other races or the human race as a whole is allowed


If you did not register for City Tech Symposium on 11/19, do so by today 


Roundtable for Symposium will be 12:50-1:35 

Questions relating to Science fiction and society of all types will be asked towards students on zoom call 


3 Extra Credit Options 

  1. Attend Utopian roundtable and blog about it
  2. Be apart of City Tech Symposium Roundtable 
  3. Stay longer than class time for another session during the day and write about it

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