Class Discussion #3: Presentations on Brooklyn SciFi Film Festival

Thanks to all of you for the whirlwind presentations today in class! Really fantastic first-go of it, and I appreciate your good-will as we experimented with this new format through Zoom 🙂

Here is a space to reflect on those presentations. Minimum of one initial comment by F 9/25 + two additional comments by M 9/28. But I encourage you to come back early and often to participate here. Comments can be quite brief, but let’s get the conversation rolling … we’re going to be doing more presentations later this semester so this is a good place reflect and improve for next time 🙂

I’ll be sharing some thoughts too, from the notes I took on everyone’s presentations. But for now, drop your comment: reflections, insights, praise, (constructive) critiques, of yourself or others’ presentations: things you liked, things you would do differently next time, lessons learned (technology, media, argument, etc.).

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts here!