Reminder: Complete Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET) by Tomorrow (F 12/11)

Hi everyone! I hope your research and revisions are going well. A friendly reminder that the deadline to complete the SETs (Student Evaluation of Teaching) is tomorrow, Friday, December 11th.

Hopefully you’ve already completed yours for this course already, but if you haven’t done so yet, please take a few minutes to do so. These SETs are important for both me and the college, and I appreciate your filling them out.

I know we’ve gone over this during class, but again, here is the relevant information from the college (students have reported them going to their spam folders quite often, so please do check there if you don’t see it in your inbox):

In order to complete the SETs, students have be sent a separate email and link for each of their enrolled courses, typically via their City Tech email address. On rare occasions they may be sent to another CUNY email address (for example if a student is enrolled in a course via ePermit) or may be diverted to Junk Email.

Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET) Administration

1. Emails will be sent from Scantron to student’s campus email address.

a. Emails will be sent from:

i. Sender Name: NYC College of Technology Course Evaluations

ii. Address:

Midterm (mid-semester) Grades + Individual Conferences

Hi everyone:

A friendly reminder to please go in and check your Midterm (mid-semester grades). Please do so again even if you already had done so, as there were a few glitches in my first round of inputted grades that I had to work out.

You can do this either by clicking on the link (that says, “Students, check your grades!”) under”OpenLab GradeBook” the right sidebar of our course homepage OR by going to the Dashboard on our course site and then going to OpenLab GradeBook (in left sidebar). In either case, you need to be logged in to view your grades. An individual student’s grades are only visible to you and to me.

As we discussed in class, if you received a BL (borderline) or U (unsatisfactory) grade, you must email me ASAP to set up a time to meet next week to discuss your work and progress in the course, and for us to develop strategies to make sure you are successful going forward. In your email, please explain why you are requesting a meeting and list all of your availability for a brief meeting (10-15 minutes) for Monday-Friday of the next week (11/2-11/6). I’ll reply shortly to confirm a time slot for our conference: please note that I’m juggling my own schedule along with many many other students’ schedules, so the more options you can provide, the easier scheduling this will be.

Of course, anyone who received a P (passing) is also welcome to email me to schedule a conference. I’m happy to discuss your work and provide additional feedback on your writing and participation at any point in the semester.

Have a great weekend, & looking forward to discussing next steps with many of you soon 🙂

no synchronous (Zoom) class tomorrow, Tu 10/20

Dear students:

I hope you’re doing well, and that you’re enjoying reading Victor LaValle’s Destroyer.

I know it’s a hectic time of the semester for everyone, so I’ve decided to cancel our synchronous class meeting for tomorrow and give everyone some extra time to make their way through this text and formulate their writing in response. This means we will not hold our class session on Zoom tomorrow, Tuesday (10/20).

You should continue to work asynchronously, and we’ll resume our synchronous classes on Thursday, 10/22. So, I’ll see you on Zoom later this week, when we’ll begin discussing this graphic novel together.

Please note:

1. This means you also get an extension for this week’s reading response blog (yay!). It is now due by the start of class on Thursday (10/22). If you already posted your response, feel free to go back in and revise it (just make sure to click “Update” when you want those edits to post) until the due date.

2. The People’s Choice Post for Destroyer will be due by Sunday, 10/25. Other reading/writing (going forward) has been pushed back by one class accordingly.

3. If you volunteered for upcoming Class Notes, those dates will be pushed back by one class to reflect tomorrow’s asynchronous classes (if you can’t make your new date, please email me ASAP to let me know).

4. My office hours for this week will also be by appointment only. I’m happy to meet with you, but please email me ahead of time (with some options when you will be available) if you would like to schedule time to touch base.

5. Last but not least, don’t forget that tomorrow is National Day of Writing, and if you want to complete the extra credit post, you’re welcome to do so.

The Schedule is updated with new due dates and reflects these changes.

Hopefully this extension gives you some extra breathing room (and lowers stress levels!), but please do make sure to manage your time and stay on top of the work. I expect everyone to post their reading response blogs by Thursday and to come to class with the text in hand and the reading done when we reconvene on Zoom later this week.

Please reply to this post ASAP with a comment, confirming that you got this message and are aware of these changes (you can literally just say, “got it!”). And, as always, feel free to email me with any questions.

Thanks all, and have a lovely week 🙂

Professor Belli

Individual Conferences with Professor Belli (Week of 9/15)

Individual Conferences with Professor Belli

*Reply to this post listing, indicating which slot you want. Scheduling is first-come, first-served. Please take a moment to look through the comments before you reply, and do not request a time slot that has already been taken/requested (unless you absolutely can’t make any other slots–e.g., because you have another class or job–in which case you can ask another student–in the comments–to switch with you).

  • These conferences are a time for you and me to get together one-to-one to discuss your work in the course, address any questions you may have, and better get to know each other as human beings.
  • Please only sign up for a spot that you are 100% sure you can make (and make note of the time/date you are coming).
  • All meetings will take place in Zoom, via our usual office hours link.
  • Each slot is 10 minutes long. Arrive a few minutes early (and be prepared to stay a few minutes late, in case we are running behind). You can enter the Zoom meeting Waiting Room, and I’ll admit you when I’m ready for you (don’t worry … I won’t forget about you … just meeting with one student at a time 🙂 )
  • You must have filled out the Student Survey prior to signing up for a spot (as those responses will inform our discussion together). If you have not already completed the survey (due Sa 9/5), please do so ASAP and then sign up for a spot here.

Tuesday, 9/15

  • 1:00-1:10pm: Max
  • 1:10-1:20pm: Arin
  • 1:20-1:30pm: Oscar
  • 4:00-4:10pm: Ronald
  • 4:10-4:20pm: Xavier
  • 4:20-4:30pm: Zeest

Wednesday, 9/16

  • 11:00-11:10am: Phillip
  • 11:10-11:20am: Shamach
  • 11:30-11:40am: Edward
  • 11:50-12:00pm: Robert
  • 4:00-4:10pm:
  • 4:10-4:20pm:
  • 4:30-4:40pm: Derick
  • 4:50-5:00pm: Paulo

Thursday, 9/17

  • 4:00-4:10pm: Khoury
  • 4:20-4:30pm: Tommy
  • 4:40-4:50pm: Itmam
  • 5:00-5:10pm: Justin