My Introduction

Hello class my name is Khoury Douglas, also known as K.D. My hobbies include playing sports and making music. My main goal right now is to focus on my music, but I am also working towards my mechanical engineering degree as a career goal. Over the summer I mainly worked and made music with a couple friends. Covid pretty much ruined anything else I was going to do.

When It comes to writing I like to think of myself as very capable. I know how to switch my vocabulary and the way I write when the situation calls for it, and I know how to get my point across. I believe my biggest weakness is that I may come too direct when I write, that and how I do not know my other weaknesses. My favorite genres of reading tend to mainly deal with fantasy, but my have elements of other genres as well. For example, I consider The Percy  Jackson series fantasy since it deals with Greeco-Roman Mythology, however it takes place in modern times. When it comes to science fiction, my only experiences with it include movies, mainly the Star Wars franchise however Pacific Rim and Star Trek are also science fiction.

From this course, I mainly expect to learn how science fiction connects to so many subjects in the world, how the ‘fiction’ is slowly becoming a ‘reality’, and how I may be able to apply what I learn else where.