Artificial intelligence vs Human Intelligence 



The idea of Artificial Intelligence has been one that has been discussed in the past decades and the idea will get bigger within the near future. Main concerns about AI’s are if they can function like humans and go beyond that. The idea of technology evolving and getting bigger is an interesting one but what comes to mind is, can these self-machines operate functionally and should there be concerns of a dysfunction within these machines? In the present day, we’ve heard about technologies like self cars that automatically drive for you so you don’t have to yourself. The idea of not driving yourself and letting your own car do it for yourself does sound compelling but we’ve seen how these self cars can malfunction even though it’s something minor. Even though Artificial Intelligence has potential to benefit our world drastically in the future, human intelligence is something that got us where we are today. Human intelligence is something that is evolving and helping us even think of the idea of artificial intelligence


Artificial intelligence can have it’s flaws but it can also many possibilities that we never thought of. The use of AI’s can be beneficial to do daily activities more faster and efficient. AI’s can also help people with disabiliies and special needs in multiple ways, and it can also help in the medical field with devoping vaccines and treatments. We’ve seen the revolution of technogogical advancements throughout the past decades and how it does have a positive affect on our daily lives.  


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One way artificial intelligence can affect human intelligence is the learning process of the youth. The use of AI’s can unmotivate people from learning themselves as they are dependent on advanced technology to do it for them. Learning gives people the ability to not only access information but be able to do things themselves. A mentor is also important when addressing this issue as one can teach his/her students several aspects of things in life that an AI can’t do. Everyone has a different way of learning and needs different ways to learn. AI can be beneficial but it’s hard to say if it can get the job done for everyone. 


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As AI’s are in the works, it is predicted that it will give a drastic job loss rate. It’s predicted that robots will be doing a lot of the work that we usually do in our daily lives. Part of humans do think like robots so it isn’t surprising with AI’s doing activities that we do but it can lead to many humans unemployed. While there can be a significant decrease of job opportunities, AI’s doing activities we usually do can lead to us focusing more on activities AI’s can’t do. 


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AI’s can have a huge impact on fields like healthcare, transportation, manufacturing, customer service and many more. For healthcare, a virtual nursing assistant can help and satisfy the patient’s overall experience. Transportation can be improved with self-cars but can take at least a decade to make them perfect. AI robots can work with humans to perform tasks and make sure everything is running smoothly. Customer service can improve with AI assistants scheduling appointments and other tasks which google is working on to do. Virtual tutors can help students with their schoolwork and virtual AI’s can assist educators. 


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Ai’s can have many advantages for us in the future as they make less errors in processing, take faster actions + decisions, and have better research outcomes. One con can be someone controlling an AI and using it for something you shouldn’t use it for or just use it to hurt someone. Another one can be bad calls from an AI as they don’t judge actions like humans do. AI making a bad call can be significant in a hostile situation. 


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AI’s are really beneficial for repetitive tasks that can be represented by data but humans are good for abstract decisions, something an AI can’t do. Humans can use computers themselves but an AI controlling one itself is better for accuracy and speed. AI can make minor mistakes that humans usually don’t make and something it can fix.

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