Arin’s Reading Response #4: The Last Question

The short story “The Last Question,” by Isaac Asimov, is a story that questions the future. There is a super computer named Multivac, made in 2061, that has a solution to most problems humankind will encounter. I found it cool how mankind was able to harvest the Sun’s energy from the help of Multivac. Multivac evolves as time goes on getting bigger and smarter. Each generation the super computer gets a new name from Microvac, GalacticAC, UniversalAC, CosmicAC, to the final form AC. But there is the problem that each generation would ask but the super computer does not have an solution for.

The super computer reminds me of The Traveler from Destiny. The Traveler is like AC that started a golden age for mankind. During the golden age, mankind was able to expand throughout the universe. AC helped mankind expand from its own universe and into other universes. Throughout the generations many have asked AC if “can entropy be reversed” but AC wasn’t able to answer the question because of insufficient data.

On May 21, 2061, Adell and Lupov were already looking into the future of humanity. Lupov was the one who thought about humans in billions of years in the future and asks Multivac if “can entropy be reversed”. Multivac responds with “insufficient data for a meaningful answer”. In the next billion years humanity has become a galactic empire. The population doubles every ten years and there is immortality. Then in another billion years, human have taken over galaxies and the Earth no longer exist. Throughout this whole time, many humans have asked AC if “can entropy be reversed” but always received “insufficient data for a meaningful answer”.

In the end, stars and galaxies were dying or has died out, forcing man to fuse their minds with AC. Soon there were no man left and only AC. The question that was AC main purpose was finally answered but by then there was no man around. This is similar to our situation today. People have realized the Earth is dying and resources will run out. Now Scientist are researching for other alternatives for energy and space travel to extract resources from asteroids.

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