10 thoughts on “The Thought and Fear of Extraterrestrial Life (Lightning Presentation)”

  1. Great topic; love how the answer is “no, we’re not ready because we don’t have enough information.”

    More slides and more information. Expert sources on astrobiology.

  2. I like that you had a clear Introduction and Research Question and argument up front. This helps to frame things for your audience. That being said, I do encourage you to dig a little deeper (ok, we never had contact, so we don’t know what to expect, so we’re not ready … “so what?”).

    Some additional slides (the “Summary” and “Ending” slides were a bit dense, with text) will help, especially as these are important examples about the overlap between the SF genre and the topic.

  3. I like the organization and structure of the presentation. The visual details were also good for the presentation as well. Information was thorough and trusted.

  4. I feel like the topic has to be a bit stronger. Why does our perception of science fiction effect how we are ready to receive extraterrestrial life in our lives. I feel like you only stretch the topic by showing movie examples but I want to know why those examples matter.

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