You Can Smell the Past in the Air

This past Thursday October 4th our class was allowed within City Tech’s Science Fiction Collection. I didn’t know we had such a big archive on sci-fi literature until Prof. Belli told us about it a few times in class. To be completely honest I was not to excited about being around all these books. But as Prof. Belli started to explain the significance and value of this collection I became a little more interested.

When it was my turn to see the archive I had ideas of what I might see when I walked in and I was not disappointed but actually a little bit surprised. As I walked In I saw a lot artifacts pertaining to City Tech and its past before I reached the archive. As I reached the archive Prof. Belli gave us instructions on what to do with the books we were interested in. I was amazed about the quantity of books there was and the conditions of some works of literature. I could literally smell the past in the air. Even though we weren’t allowed to touch these crumbling books it was cool to look at them and see that their wear ad tear comes from being around so long.

A monograph, Titled Amazing Stories caught my attention. At first I took it because I believed it was a sort of comic book. But it was not though the cover did attract me and I’m sure it was used to attract other readers at its time. The archive had the whole collection of this monograph from its start till some time in the present. And it wasn’t the only collection of monograph it had. I was really stunned on the amount of literature around me up on the shelfs and still boxed untouched.

I didn’t get a chance to fully digest the whole collection and the monograph I picked out. But I was a great experience to explore this archive. And also have the privilege to hold such an archive in our school. Hopefully sometime in the future the collection can get the proper space it needs so that we ca  attract people from all over the world to come and share such a valuable collection.

Overall it was a great experience and it taught me that there is a lot more value in literature than I thought possible.

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