The television series “Westworld” is amazing series. I am almost done with the first season. It portrays science fiction like no other show. It has almost every aspect of science fiction. It is set in the future and have a game with actual androids that can feel and understand everything like an actual human being.

When I saw the first episode I was blown away. This show caught my attention at first with its beginning and how it started but the ending of the episode really made me watch the second one and the ones after. Since it was the first episode it was confusing at first. Everything was shifting around until it all came together at the end of the episode. In the beginning we see Ted riding a train to this town. He looks like everyone, he looks normal, and exactly how a cowboy is supposed to look like. 

When got off the train you can see how the town really looks like. It looks like every other western style or as you would see it in any cowboy movies. There was a lot of going around as Ted was walking to the saloon. As he was drinking he saw a girl, it was Delores. He seems to know her. When they met they talked then started to make out and head to her house. When they arrive at her they see that some people are harassing her dad or rather he is dead. Ted goes for the rescue but some mysterious person comes and kills Ted and everyone except for Delores, he supposedly rapes her. And at the end you can see that everyone is alive. Ted is not a human. 

This is when I started liking the show. I was simply mind blown. To think that we were looking at a game this whole time. Also how the scenes changed from a futuristic place to an old western setting. This television series shows that how video games can advance in the future. From using just controllers and a console to play. We can invent androids to play a game that is like living in a different world where you are a cowboy and you can do anything to the androids.

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