Walk into The Past

Thursday October 4th, 2018, we went to the library to see an archive. It was not anything kind of archive it was a science fiction archive. Before we were allowed to go in the archive and look around, we discussed about the archive. How it was brought to city tech and who donated all these science fiction magazines. The person who donated this actually wanted to stay anonymous. Talked about few rules, such as, what to touch and what not to touch. Also ask before taking anything that looks like it’s going to fall apart.

When the professor was explaining the archive, I felt as if I was going to walk into the past through some sort of time machine. I did not really know what I was going to feel. To me it just looked normal and plain when we were watching the video about it. However, when I entered the room it was like I was in a museum, except this is only for books and magazines. The smell I found kind of interesting, because I thought the smell of the magazines would be really strong like you can smell without going near it, that was not the case. I had to physically go and try to smell the magazines. I only thought this, because of how old the magazines were. Everything was organized and safely stored away. Some of the magazines looked absolutely destroyed. Since some of the books were in bad condition due how old they were they were wrapped in plastic. I was not expecting the magazines to be in chronological order. I found that pretty cool, since they were in chronological order you can almost feel like as if you are traveling through time. The reason being is that inside the magazines there are ads and from those ads you can see how things have changed over time. You can actually tell a lot about that year or time just by looking at the ad. The magazines were also organized in according to series. They had few different kinds of series. Some of the series were, “What If”, “Fantasy and Science Fiction”, “Analog”, and “Amazing Stories”. Out of all the series I found “Fantasy and Science Fiction to be largest, since there were so many magazines or issues for that series.

Overall, I unexpectedly liked the archive. When I was listening and watching about it I did not think I would like it. It did not really sound that interesting. However, walking inside was like a whole another world filled with all the imagination of people had before and how it was expanding over the years. Who would’ve thought that people had this kind of imagination. People really were thinking far into the future and how things would become. These magazines or issues are proof of what people thought like and how they were, because these magazines or issues are actual time relic. Lastly, I found the fact that someone actually collected this many magazines and were kind enough to donate it to somewhere else, where people from all over the place can have access to it.

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