Two different worlds

Westworld is a show on HBO that brings to light a world where artificial intelligence has been capable of looking and acting human. With this people have created an amusement park known as Westworld  where people with the monetary means are capable of living out there western lifestyle fantasy. It is clear from the shows beginning that there is already a lot of questioning about what makes something human which brings in this idea that if the A.I are incapable of even hurting a living fly then they are still A.I. For the most part this show centers around the idea that humanity centers around violence and that even though Westworld caters to the whole family people mainly go there to live out there most deprived fantasies like rape and murder. 

What struck me most about the show overall was the way humanity was depicted. In the show people at first go because of curiosity but after that there seems to be this pattern that the guest only come back to wreck havoc that otherwise would be illegal in the real world. In the first episode in 54:47 one of the parks guests kills one of the A.I because in his narrative his an outlaw that needs to be brought to justice. What’s interesting about this scene is the reaction of the guest himself because rather then being in shock his proud and treats it as a joke. “Look at that I shot him through the neck and his pal here too, look at her wriggle, you go get a photographer” Even though all the guests are aware that the park workers aren’t real people its still surprising how unaffected they are to the fact that something that looks so real and acts like a person doesn’t┬á make them even flinch but rather gives them joy. Which also comes to question what happens when the people in the park can no longer recognize who truly is a guest and who’s an A.I. At this point I also wonder how they can even tell now to begin with. IN in another scene in 15:48 two women are taking about Teddy and how lifelike he seems even though his supposed to be an A.I that more closely acts to a guest but even then they can tell he isn’t real. It isn’t clear how people and A.I are distinguished but it is clear that people in enjoy that there lifelike because it feeds into there┬á fantasy.

Throughout the show there is also a constant connection that violence equals humanity and that to keep the A.I in the park inhuman they make them incapable of hurting any living thing. More than this they make them incapable of forming any outside connections and erase there memory everyday so that they relive everyday without question. in 46:34 Dolores one of the parks A.I sees that her father has done something out of character which is to stay up all night and contemplate his reality after finding a photo of someone in the outside world which is foreign to them.This effectively breaking him down and forces him to remember everything that has happened to them. The fact that these characters do seem to feel fear and love only brings to light that the only thing keeping them inhuman is there inability to remember what happens to them. In 47:25 Dolores dad seems to remember everything and implores his daughter to run showing that they’re capable of free thought and emotion, that even they’re programmed a certain way they are still┬á capable of overriding that program. This show really helps to question humanities motivations and how sinister they can be when given the freedom.

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