“The mediator between brain and hands must be the heart”

The silent film created 1927 metropolis by Fritz Lang. The movie takes place  preserving how cities would look like in the future. where rich people known as the ” The club of the sons” lived a care free life style where nothing mattered and there was no such thing as stress. While there are people who are called the works and by this you guessed it they do all the work while the rich thrive.

As the film continues to unfold you can make a prediction in how the story line will be. There are two types of classes you could say the upper class and the lower class there is no median between them. the lower class would be considered the works, the upper class being The club of the sons. both of these classes have extraordinarily different life styles. One life style being lavish and free with no care in the world, the other being dark, gloomy, unhappy, overbearing and miserable. For the worker all they do is work they have very long sifts and there not tended to or cared for. At (14:59) you see that there is a worker who is so tired that is about to fall because of how over worked, malnourished and under looked  he is that he could no longer do his job till the moment that he does collapse and the machine he is working on reaches over its limit and it over heated or over pressurized because of it not being well kept. when Freder sees the women with the kids leaving he asks who was she and know one had an answer so he followed after her and is in shock when he see the machine malfunction and it scares him to when he comes back from the under world of where all the works work he goes to his father and talks to him about  what he saw.

What sad about the film is Freder’s father is the top person of the city. He controls what happens and is to be informed when something does not go right or something does not go the way it is supposed to. When Freder’s father found out what happened in the depths he turned to his head man and asked him why he did not tell him and when the father finds out from the worker that there where plans found in the works pockets he turns to his head man and tells him that he is let go and that he no longer works for him when you are let go from your job that means you are to work in the depths that there is no other place for you on the land above ground meaning shunned from the upper world society.

worlds that are built like this leads to failed and destruction of a government society anything in general when there is no compromise or equality there is always going to be a rebellion in these situations.you are always to be fair because if not then know there will always be corruption.

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