The Influence of Science Fiction on the Perception of Real World Technology


Science fiction has a great impact on real world technology. Especially when it comes to robots and androids. “The idea of humanoid automatons goes back centuries–historian Noel Sharkey has found evidence of robot-like designs in ancient Greece–but the word robot is less than 100 years old” (Suderman, 2015). The Idea of a robot has been in fruition for centuries. And became a reality throughout works of science fiction. And is conceptualized through authors and their unique perspectives and creativity.
The word robot was drawn from robota, a Czech word meaning drudge work. Capek’s story set the tone for decades of robot fiction, mostly by stoking fears that the servants could eventually turn on their masters” (Suderman, 2015). As read in the breakdown of the word robot. In the breakdown the sole function of what a robot is made to do is serve and practically help the user. A basic function that science fiction pushed the limit on. By creating works of literature and film that depicted those functions in unique ways. Mostly giving the robot special functions like superhuman strength and advanced processing. This started the re-imagining of the idea of what a robot could be.
Science Fiction has re-imagined countless of real world technologies. The most re-imagined piece of technology within the Science Fiction spectrum are robots. This re-imaging of robots through science fiction influences the developments of robots and other real world technologies in the real world. And influences the perspectives of society on these real world technologies and robots.
“They found that researchers use science fiction in a variety of different ways. One is for theoretical design research. Another is to refer to and explore new forms of human-computer interaction, which researchers increasingly think is shaped by science fiction books and films. Then there is the study of human body modification, which is perhaps best explored via the medium of fiction” (arXiv, 2018).
Scientist are also influenced or inspired by science fiction. Leading them to create and imagine past the boundaries of normal technology. This presentation will discuss the influence Science Fiction has on the perception of robots and other real world technologies. By demonstrating the portrayal of said technologies in the real world and the science fiction realm. And how those portrayals mold the perception of society.

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