The Cruel Truth of Uplifting

The Science Fiction genre is all about possibilities. It explains the outcomes of what could go wrong in the world. Most science fiction literature is about two questions, “what if or what could?”. In this research paper, the topic that will be discussed is the process of uplifting. According to the Journal of Evolution and Technology, “Animal uplifting, also referred to as biological uplift, or simply uplift, is the theoretical prospect of endowing nonhumans with greater capacities, including and especially increased intelligence”(Dvorsky). Uplifting is a controversial topic to discuss. There have been serious debates arguing if the uplift of animals is beneficial or controversial. This paper will focus on both sides explaining them fully.

One of the most common ethical questions that is asked, “Is it morally right?”. Most people would choose to disagree with the followings of uplifting. People hate to see animals being experimented on. Some people may believe that uplifting is a way of progress. The question at hand, Is the uplift of animals beneficial or controversial for mankind? One of major consequences with uplifting is the possible deformities. Uplifting is not an easy task. It could take a thousand trials just to find the correct DNA. Uplifting is serious procedure, and animals will have to go through different and painful surgeries to change their biological state, Although one of benefits of being an enhanced animal, is that the animal can avoid dangerous predators. With an enhanced mind, the animal specie of choice, can protect itself from other animals. In the paper, you will find examples of science fiction in literature and in entertainment. For example, the 2011 film, “Rise of the Planet Apes”. This film proves that animal enhancement can go terribly wrong. This research paper will explore the different recent experiments done in the real world. It may seem like a fantastical idea, but we are getting closer to achieving the impossible.

  • Dvorsky, George (2008). All Together Now: Developmental and ethical considerations for biologically uplifting nonhuman animals. Journal of Evolution and Technology 18 (1):129-142.
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