The Connection Between Star Wars and China

Since its inception, the science fiction genre has taken many ideas from real-life and made it its own. The most obvious example to this is technology and language. The genre has, however, also taken from religion and philosophy. This research paper argues about how the classic Science Fiction series Star Wars took inspiration from the ancient Chinese religion and philosophy Taoism. Star Wars uses this religion’s ideas in the Force, an energy that connects everything with one another. Similarly, Taoism is defined as “doing what is natural and ‘going with the flow’ in accordance with the Tao (or Dao), a cosmic force which flows through all things and binds and releases them” (Mark)

This research paper explores three very strong connections to support its argument that Star wars took ideas from Taoism: the Force is Qi, the Code of the Jedi Order and the Tao Te Ching have similar messages and the Jedi and Sith are essentially yin and yang. These points all refer to reputable historical and fan website sources to present its case and define technical terms such as Qi, yin and yang, Tao, Sith, Jedi Code, and the Force. In the first argument, Qi and the Force are considered to be life energy that every person has and can hone. Having a large amount of both improves ones health and abilities. In the second argument, the Jedi Code and Tao Te Ching phrase their philosophies in a similar manner and promote goodwill and integrity. Finally, in the last argument, the Star Wars series main plot point and attraction is the battle against light and dark or good and evil. The yin and yang symbol references precisely this. This connection between Star Wars and Taoism is important because it allows one to view the Star Wars series in a more religious and philosophical point of view, increases interest in Taoism and enables a more accessible method of learning Taoism for a potentially younger audience.

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