Terraforming and why it is important


Science fiction has introduced so many fascinating ideas and topics. One of the most interesting is terraforming. Terraforming is when an hostile environment like mars altered to be suitable for human life. NASA has been trying to find a way to terraform Mars. Terraforming is necessary in the later future. In the future humans will eventually be overpopulated and that will cause a lot problems for humans and the earth itself. So terraforming is very important for human kind and the earth’s survival.

In the later future humans will eventually be overpopulated. This is a big issue for them and the earth. According to Science Alert, the human population is rapidly increasing and by 2050 the population is estimated to be around 9.9 billion. Overpopulation will cause a lot of problems for the future generation. They won’t be able to function as we do today. Overpopulation will also cause environmental issues. There will no clean water, life expectancy will be lower, food shortages, and plants and animals will be extinct. So it is crucial for humans to terraform another planet for their own survival. Even CEO of Tesla, Elong Musk, agrees that terraforming is possible and that it will help humans in the future.

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Mohammad Faisal-Terraforming final cover letter


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