Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master.

Technology in the dictionary sense is ” the application of scientific knowledge for practical purpose…” . For thousands of years , dating back to paleolithic age men used simple technological tools like axes and shovels for their personal needs like hunting, and farming. Since then technology as evolved and served humanity gratefully . Now in the 21th century , we use cars ,planes, boats ,trains to travel far distances , we use cell phones and computers to be connected virtually and to be  omnipresent , and use other advanced technological tools that give us our daily needs like food , water,  clothes , electricity, etc. What technology does is it gives us the ultimate convince in our daily lives.

Additionally , technology has treated more sick people with diseases and help a lot of injured people now then hundreds of years of ago . The invention of the computer and the cell phone has enhanced our connectivity and communications greatly. Companies can make quick money exchanges, purchases and sales in just few seconds . Industrial and agricultural production is much faster , easier and safer. However, there are disadvantages to these advancements . Most technology has reduced humans to being obsolete , as more work is done by machines than humans, thus causing a rise in unemployment in the labor force. In addition, humans have a dependency on technology , like when they use the calculator to solve problems. This goes to shows that humans are not willing use use their mental power to solve calculations on their own. Even when we use social media to connect with one another , we are not willing to see each other in person. As technology advances , we must question our own abilities if  we are worthy enough to sustain our own well being without the assistance of technology.

This semester, I have read numerous science fiction literatures . Each of these literatures have some advance technology that revolves around the story . Then, what comes into question is how and what effects technology itself  or how humans use technology and whats the benefits and consequences . Science fiction  is speculative fiction that deals with imaginative concepts. One of these concepts that is presented in this genre is advance technology. In my opinion, I had felt that this concept was the most popular . 

Short stories like The Machine Stops and The Last Question both heavily rely on advance technology in the story. In The Machine Stops,  humanity has built a Machine that can do almost anything. Humans rely on the machine 24/7 and it’s all they know how to do . They look at the machine like a god , but in the end of the story the machine malfunctions, thus destroying itself . And in the Last Question , humans built a advance machine that evolves as billions of years  passes on . As time passed, humans from different eras would ask the machine to solve the universe energy crisis. In the end ,  after humanity has died out and machine has evolved beyond humanity, the machine creates a new universe solving the energy crisis .  Its technology like this that is so advances that it could be our greatest servants, but also our dangerous masters.


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I had used this short stories as one of my examples in my proposals. As it deals with advance technology  and its consequences and benefits .

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I had used this short stories as one of my examples in my proposals. As it deals with advance technology  and its consequences and benefits .


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