Stanley’s proposal draft

ENG 2420

I chose genetic engineering as one of my topics because genetic engineering can be expanded to brainstorm so many vivid ideas that give a bigger eye opening on this world regarding science fiction. My first idea that came to mind with genetic engineering is the rumor of a mainstream artist named Gucci Mane that was supposedly supposed to be cloned when he was released from jail. This topic is brought to my interest because it is amazing how genetic engineering in a science fiction realm can do things such as cloning people for the better. It is all within the government making these controversials actions and nobody ever says anything about it to the public. There is a reason behind all of it, because if society was to be aware of how cloning and genetic engineering exactly works, the government feels as if the world will never generate in the way they want things to go. People will get a hand on the equipment and probably come up with astonishing projects to make someone think twice how they are potentially about to change the world.


My other topic was ‘ Changing Ages’ because I always had a big interest on how humans went from looking like homosapiens at its first form to how we appear to each other now. There has been a big difference on what has happened in the past few decades in the way we look. Science Fiction and genetic engineering comes into play in this type of conversation because the only way evolution occurs in a world like this is genetic engineering and people who call themselves Hard Science Fiction authors that come up with controversial ideas on how to evolve humans as a whole. Our brain is developed to pretty much be able to do anything you can possibly think of, but obviously we are not capable of everything, but our mind definitely lets us explores these ideas and find ways to make it happen which is where Science Fiction role comes into play.


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