Science Fiction Literature Notes 9/13/18

What are some of the framework questions that applies to ” The Machine Stops”:

1.) What values¬†are emphasized in the text’s society (or societies)?

2.) How is Freedom treated?

3.) What is the status of religion ? Does it exist and, if so, in what form? Who /what is¬† “Worshiped”?

4.) Which characters (if any) rebel against the society?Why? what are the consequences of this rebellion? What  do these consequences tell us bout the message /argument of the text?

5.) How is family portrayed in the text?

7.) What is the status of privacy?

8.) Is Individuality ( unique/ unrestrained expression) allowed, or is it controlled/Prohibited?

9.) What is the status of Progress ( Science/ Technology) within the society?

The Machine Stops Notes:

The characters so far in the story:

Vashti ( mother of Kuno) , Kuno ( son of Vashti) , Machine , Narrator

New Words:

Omni- means all

Omnipresent- all present

Omniscient- all knowing

Omnipotent- all powerful 

Mediation-to intervene

Ersatz- not genuine, not real, missing something for the real version.

Blasphemous-  disrespect to something respected, cursing

Embodied- incorporate

Technology Determinism- the belief that technology determines what drives society  or makes decisions for you.

Affordances – something that allow certain things to happen

Predictability Рto declare or indicate in advance 

Preclude- to prevent the possibility of happening in the future .

Subversive Рgoing against 




Our Class discussion of ideas through out the Story: 

  • The Machine is looked at as a god¬†
  • The Machine provides shelter and necessities for humans
  • The Book is a manual for the the Machine : it is used to do things for human like basic needs, for distressed, and used for any contingency.
  • Vashti doesn’t see the point going outside
  • The machine protects people from other things
  • ¬†Kuno goes to the surface of the Earth , which he is rebelling to society¬† rules
  • Humanity sacrificed everything¬† to the Machine¬† so that the Machine can provide almost all basic human needs.
  • Vashti and Kuno have competing world views.


  • You don’t have to title the blog again when it is already categorized at the bottom of your blog/post.
  • Make a title that relates to the Blogging- make it interesting
  • ¬†Give citations and use MLA( Modern Language Association ) Citation . Put quotations like this¬† , ”¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ”¬† (3).¬† ( Put quotations between the colon marks and the page number is simply the number as shown)
  • Talk about the literature in present tense include the title and author in the beginning of Blog /Post.


Our homework is in the schedule part of the course website . In addition, you should use three pieces of textual evidence and have  analysis in the blog. If this is not in the Blog it will not be graded .




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