Science fiction class notes


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  • midterm pushed a week to the 29th of October 

freewriting topic: 

how would you compare progress from “American progress” and how they progressed to “there will come soft rain”, what is the status of the progress in the city “there will come soft rain”

Class discussion: 

what is the story about?

“There will come soft rains”

  • mechanical mice scurry around the house to clean
  • it’s a house that cant fulfill its purpose it was meant to do 
  • it’s a post-apocalyptic story 
  • the setting takes place in Allendale California, August 5, 2026  

we question if the world is destroyed what then?


apocalypse: the complete final destruction of the world 

science fiction: 

  •   “unreal things that could be real in our world in the future” 
  • “what if what could be and that can help us think about what’s right now and how our choices after”


One thought on “Science fiction class notes

  1. Jill Belli

    Thank you Sajida for these notes. A friendly reminder that they should be posted no later than the night of class, so they can be most useful to your classmates.

    Also, there was other important information we covered, regarding the historical context for the story, specific analysis of the story (with particular passages), and the discussion questions on the handout I gave. Could you edit these notes to include that information (or ask your classmates for help, if you need to crowdsource some additional details)? Thanks 🙂


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