Science Fiction Class Notes 10/4/18


Archive- Its a old or recent record, document or set of books that is stored in a storage space. The Archives are used for scholars to do research.

Anthology-  A collection of books of selected literary pieces or passages or works of art and music.

Monograph- The written account of a single thing.

Nebula Awards: The best Science Fiction Award in the U.S. , started 1966.

We watched the Science Fiction Collection video that is in the link in the schedule.


Not all documents are archived because some documents are important while some aren’t. The important documents are used to go back on and to do research.


  • Write a Reflection Blog on the science fiction collection . Finish/Complete the pair work reflection sheet.
  • For number 5 on the pair work reflection sheet  , write down and tell the class the history of the magazine or book you looked at. Write down the author and publishing date.
  • Do a five minute informal presentation on what your learned about your book or magazine. 
  • All of this is due next week Tuesday on 10/9/18


Phoenixx, Chris: “IF” series

Tyler, Mohammed: Fantasy and Science Fiction

Stanley, Sajab: Analogs

Karen, Sheng, Justin, Pedro, Chris,  ? : Amazing Stories

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