Sci-Fi Archive Revisited

I had the chance once more to go and explore the shelves of the science fiction archive in the city tech library. I looked through a multitude of books look for a specific author: Harlan Ellison. I recently started reading a book of his called “I Have No Mouth And I Want To Scream” and his stories have intrigued me since then. Luckily, I managed to find another work by Harlan called “Harlan Ellison’s Hornbook” which included a number of his other works. I skimmed through the book and checked the table of contents and picked a short story that seemed interesting to me. I managed to actually get caught up in reading one story of his. The story seemed to be more of a rant than a story, but interesting nonetheless. About how television has become the preoccupation of everyone and how toxic it can be

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