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Reading the Machine Stops by E.M. Forster I picked up on a lot of similarities within our civilization. “The Machine” as it is called in the story embodies I believe, God. It replaces all religion and becomes a religion. Throughout the story you can see countless examples where characters in the story praise and pray to the book for answers, etc.. “She whirled around, praying to be saved from this, at any rate, kissing the Book, pressing button after button”. (Forster, pg.  25) In what I believe are one of Vashti last moments you can see the amount belief in “The Machine” even after knowing that the machine itself had be rendered useless, powerless.

This story really coincides a lot with what is going on earth now. Technology for the better has improved our efficiency as humans and with the combination of science has improved our life spans and will continue to in the long run. As technology continues to develop and better itself. But a downside to technology is the heavy dependence on it, we see it was heavily illustrated by Forster in “The Machine Stops”. Today in society especially in the youth, technology plays a big role in our lives. The need of better cellphones and laptops, etc. increase by the year and the smarter and advance they become the more dependent we become as Users. As we saw in the story “The Machine” the members of that civilization depended heavily on the machine and we saw that clearly following Vashti and her journey to her son. We also learned that they were forced underground due to rapid decay of the earth a fault on to fall on us the human race.

In the past few years I questioned the facts on global warming and their reality. I thought as a young kid that it was all fake and some sort of political fiction to get people to vote or cause paranoia with in society. But these past few years as I matured and really opened my mind I have seen the harm we all have caused this earth. And this story maybe fiction but it is more of far off reality our future generations may live in. Especially if we continue to harm our earth and not come to face with the consequences before they arrive.

From the beginning of the story to the end we see the heavy dependence this civilization held towards the machine. Again I relate this to our current civilization and our heavy dependence on technology and heavy connection to it as it if were religious. But I do not blame our advances cause we will continue to try and better ourselves for generations to come. But we must do it in a way where we as a race don’t lose ourselves and lose connections with those who we love. And especially do it in a way where we can conserve our planet and pass down those teachings so that we can leave a home to generations to come. “The Machine Stops” By E.M. Forster to me was another eye opener to where my civilization is headed if no actions are taken by a majority of us. I admit it was an entertaining read but it also impacted me for the better.



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  1. Stan Caesar

    I find this post to be the most interesting because you bring in a good amount of outside experiences that heavily relate to what is going on in the story. It was a good idea to also talk about the whole thing about global warming and your past thoughts as a kid too. You did not just summarize the text either, you did more than that which was show a lot of connections and I believe that is something essential when writing an essay. That is was grabs the reader’s attention more.


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