Pros or Cons: Uplifting Animal Intelligence

Intelligence is a dangerous thing, a double edge blade if you will; like a gun, it can be good and bad depending on the user. As far as we know, humans are the most intelligent creature of Earth, with this intelligence comes curiosity, a thirst for more knowledge and understanding, a creative mind that is far too big for its shell. To change, one needs to destroy first. For example, things are not always what it is now in the modern day, in the past, people believe Earth is flat, but it is in fact round. It is through endless experimentation that humans are able to make process. Nowadays, there is a debate on a new change, whether humans should increase the intelligence of animals.

I got inspired Vishal’s post and decide to focus on this topic myself. Personally, I am against that idea. First of all, the increase in animal intelligence would pose a threat to humans. Animals are naturally more gifted physically, if given the intelligence to match, what would become of the humans? Furthermore, what would the relationship be like for different groups of intelligent creatures? Will humans be able to accept these animals that they once consume and use as equals? Will these equally intelligent animals be able to accept humans?

Gent, Edd. “If We Could Engineer Animals to Be as Smart as Humans – Should We?”, Singularity Universe, 16 Jan. 2018,

This article give some example of human experiment with animals. He argues that animals to some extent become smarter, but in the end, they can never compare to humans because they do not have the mechanic conditions, such as brain size.

Xu, Christine. “Science or Science Fiction? Uplifting Animals.” Yale Scientific Magazine, Yale Scientific Magazine, 8 May 2015,

This article brings up the question of whether humans are obligated to uplift animals come up. Some says yes. because it is unethical to purposely withhold intelligence enhancement from other animals.

Maughan, Tim. “Future – Should We Engineer Animals to Be Smart like Humans?” BBC News, BBC, 1 Oct. 2014,

This article points out that humans have an obligation to help uplift animals, and that one of the benefits for humans is to have helpers with making Earth a better place. Paul Graham Raven question if humans have the right to make decisions for the animals in the matter of uplifting.

Knapp, Alex. “Is It Ethical to Make Animals As Smart As People?” Forbes, Forbes Magazine, 13 Sept. 2011,

In this article, Knapp believes that the uplifting of animal intelligence is feeble, instead humans should focus on the bettering of our own society.

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