People’s Choice Posts #5: ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’

It’s that time again! Read through your classmates’ reading response blogs on the first episode of the Hulu series, The Handmaid’s Tale, and choose your favorite post. You can choose a post for any reason, but you always must clearly articulate your rationale for choosing it (e.g., why did you find it interesting, compelling, likeable, provocative, etc.?). This rationale can refer to content, style, creativity, etc. If, after reading everyone’s posts, you strongly feel that your post is your “favorite,” you can always vote for yourself, but you need to provide a rationale for doing so.

In order to register your vote for this week’s “People’s Choice,” “leave a reply” to this post, and in your comment, provide your chosen post, an excerpt from it + rationale for choosing it. Provide the title and author of the chosen post, along with a link to the post you are citing (please provide the link in the same comment: don’t make a separate one with just the link). Citing is really important (in this case, citing your classmate!), and this is a way of giving credit to other sources and putting yourself in dialogue with them.

Comments/votes are mandatory, should be made no later than M 11/19. The person with the most votes will earn the coveted “People’s Choice” honor for this round of posts! I’m looking forward to seeing what you choose, and why.

6 thoughts on “People’s Choice Posts #5: ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’

  1. Tyler Yuen

    “A name is an identity, it sums up who one is. Giving someone a second name and forbidding he or she access to their original is the same as forcing them to become someone else.”
    I choose “The Handmaid’s Tale: Horrifying And Sickening To The Core” by Sheng Nan Zhang for a her analysis of the treatment of women, the identity part stood out particularly to me. The society has taken everything from women: their families, their freedom, their bodies, and even their minds. You’d think they have something else to cling on to but then the society just strips away the last feature that could possibly define them, their names. Then their just branded as someone else’s property. When everything, including their hope, is lost, a lot of people would choose suicide but even that isn’t allowed. It’s nothing but an endless cycle of torture day after day, it really is sickening to imagine.

    The Handmaid’s Tale: Horrifying And Sickening To The Core

  2. Christopher Navarrete

    For my people’s post, I choose Tyler Yuen’s post because he wrote a great explanation for how this show’s society has fallen from grace and is turning towards totalitarianism. He talks about the disregard to woman’s rights, gay rights and religion. Each point is discussed with specific details from the episode and correct citations.

    “The Handmaid’s Tale could be seen as a path we might end up following if the fertility rates are lowered to the point of threatening humanity’s continues existence” (Yuen).

    The Handmaid’s Tale – Society of Regression?

  3. Vishal Naraine

    I chose A “Handmade Tale”  by Pedro Balbuena because of the points that he made were great at understanding how chaotic the society of ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ was. One of the first points he makes is about the comparison of the current presidential administration to the administration of Gilead. He makes the point of saying that both administrations misuse their information. Another point he makes is the conflict between women in this totalitarian society. He compares the relationship between Offred and Joy. Joy directs all her hate onto Offred and Offred is unable to speak upon it because of her role. The third point is the use of physiological warfare. This is when a society uses psychological techniques to demoralize its members. I totally agree with all of these points. 

  4. Pedro Balbuena

    “This first episode was like the story itself a machine. A machine that has tons of parts that allows it to work properly. This episode showed how this hierarchy gets all these pieces to work. When it comes to the handmaids their obedience is enforced by the Aunts and the wives of the Commanders. They separation between the handmaids and the aunts and wives. Allows the hierarchy to create tension and complete separation between them. As a result the complete control of Women. Because the women in higher positions fail to see the harm they are causing themselves and their kind but that again are blinded by the will for survival.” (Pedro)

    I choose myself because I feel like I targeted every valid point within The Handmaids Tale. Especially that of Woman vs Woman. This theme is very important because throughout the reign of this hierarchy their constant battle is with women. They set laws in effect to degrade them physically and mentally. They have forced laws to force them not build relationships but build data against each other to supply the hierarchy with. This theme I believe is the most important one day I think this series because again completely separating these women through social status and emotional attachment allows this hierarchy to implement this disgraceful reign over women.


  5. sheng

    I choose Pedro’s “A ‘Handmaid’s Tale'” because he brings up the point about Women vs Women. Despite the dangers that females faces from society, they still do not band together; sometimes, it is women that shackles women the most.

    A “Handmade Tale”



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