Notes for class 11/29/18


  • Initial stage is stressful, but do more research and you’ll understand more about your topic.
  • Bring 4 copies of revise proposal to class on Tu. 4.
  • Should not know their arguments yet at the beginning.
  • Bring in devices to work on the research project.
  • More help email prof. to schedule a time given that some work is already done. Make sure to sign up for conference after class on Tu/ Thur.

3 Things To Ask Yourself When Drafting Proposal:

  1. Is the topic clear and specific? The narrower the better.
  2. Is the topic worth doing?
  3. Is it directly related to science fiction? How can it be explore through lens of sci-fi.

Thur. 12/6:

  • Analog edition + OL Discussion
  • Symposium debate/ Westworld.

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