Final presentation 

Tuesday 12/18/18.                  Thursday 12/20/18

  1. Chris                                         1. Justin
  2. Tyler                                         2. Phoenixx
  3. Vishal                                       3. Sajida
  4. Shange                                     4. Stanely 
  5. Pedro                                        5. Mohammad


Points to remember while doing research:

  • Could you say a little more about your topic 
  • Introduce your topic and your name 
  • explain what you’re doing 
  • Explain the significant 
  • Be more specific why is it important 
  • Connection to the sci-fi world
  • Don’t take anything for granted  
  • Give background on your topic
  • Set a timer and keep a timer for yourself 
  • In text situations 
  • Images must be sighted 
  • Bring the research in 
  • Have a hook 
  • Part of your grade is being a good listener 
  • speak loud and clear
  • own your topic 
  • Make sure to site and it won’t be excepted if there is now inside the citation 
  • 5 W’s 

Questions you should think about before the presentation 

things to keep in mind before and during the presentation:


It’s connection to sci-fi 

Be prepared to ask questions 

You should know your topic  

Connect the dots for the reader 

Print your slides and notes out 

You can only put work sited if you talk about the work

Extra work consulted 

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