Notes 12/18/18


Today was the first day of the final presentations. Chris, Tyler, Vishal, Sheng, and Pedro went today. On Thursday its:

  1. Justin
  2. Phoenixx
  3. Sajida
  4. Stanley
  5. Mohammad

We might discuss West World on Thursday if we have time so make sure to bring your notes. Also don’t forget the final course reflection is due on Thursday.


  1. Chris- The connection between Star Wars and China. His presentation talked about how the teachings of taoism is related to the force and how the powers of the force were influenced by teachings of the taoism.
  2. Tyler- Life Extension. He basically talked about life extension is, and the flaws.
  3. Vishal- The cruel truth of Uplifting. He talked about what is Uplifting. The pros and cons of Uplifting, also, gave examples of Uplifting going wrong. 
  4. Sheng- Human Genetic modification. She talked about how with genetic modification you can create a human with whatever gene you want but it is going to cost you a lot of money.
  5. Pedro-The Influence of Science Fiction on the perception of Real World Technology. He talked about how science fiction influenced the inventions of robots and A.I. Also how movies and shows made a negative perspective for robots and A.I.

If you want to check their presentations out you can click on the titles and it will bring you to a pdf version of the presentation.



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