Midterm Exam

Date: Thursday, November 1, 2018 (2:30-3:45pm)

  • You will only have this class period (75 minutes) to complete the exam. If you finish early you may leave, but make sure to read over/revise your work first.

Grading: The Midterm Exam is worth 10% of your overall course grade.

  • You will be evaluated on your knowledge of the texts/class discussions/genre/key terms, the complexity/presentation/specifics of your analysis (don’t provide generalizations or mere summary), and the quality of your writing (e.g., topic sentences, transitions, sentence-level style & correctness).

Format: The exam will consist of identification/definition questions and longer response questions based on a specific prompt.

  • You will be expected, for these short responses, to make claims and provide analysis and textual evidence (specific/concrete details—including title/author/date of texts—and examples). For these short responses, you should also show your understanding of relevant context (e.g., text title/author/publication date; characters, plot, conflict, themes, competing values) as well as science fiction as a genre more broadly (key terms, tropes, etc.)
  • You may not use outside materials (e.g., notes, texts, phones, dictionaries).

Preparation/Review: The Midterm Exam covers all texts up to this point in the semester, and all definitions, terms, ideas discussed in class. In order to study for the exam, make sure to review all texts, your notes, Class Notes, blog posts, and online Class Discussions. We will have a formal review in class on Thursday, October 25th, so bring any questions there (you can also come see me during my office hours).