Metropolis: A Film Beyond Its Time

The movie “Metropolis” directed by Fritz Lang, tells the story of two different societies. The first society being underground, working hard. And the second society, living freely and not breaking a sweat. These two societies resemble different social classes. The first class is the workers, living underneath the city, where they work to keep the city from shutting down. The second class is the higher class, where they live in the city of Metropolis. Throughout the movie, you can spot out the differences between where the higher class lives and the workers live. Within the city, there is a location called the “Club of the Sons”. Within this place holds lecture halls, libraries, theaters, and stadiums. There is also a place called the “Eternal Gardens”. It is a difficult place to describe but I would say that it is a place to go for pleasure. But deep below, where the workers live there is no such place. There is nothing fancy down below.

Even the architecture in the city of Metropolis is better than the architecture down below. At 24:14-24:32, there is a glimpse at the city of Metropolis. It is very futuristic in size, length, and shape. For a movie, that was made during that time it shows a realistic future our society could be heading towards. There were tall buildings, quick transportation, multiple highways, and flying planes. Some would say the above is a utopia, where everything is perfect and down below is a dystopia, where everything is horrible.

One thing I found interesting was the mention of the phrase, “God is the world and its Creator! And great is Man!” When I read this phrase over and over again I understood it. To me, it means that Man is so powerful and special that they have the ability to create a city like Metropolis. A city like Metropolis is a serious accomplishment. The character Joh Fredersen, who is the Master of Metropolis did a great job at creating a futuristic city. Although it is wrong that he keeps people down below, working them to their death. Also, it means to me that since God has created this world, we have been using his creation as a way to provide mankind a way of survival.

Another thing I found interesting was the inclusion of the seven deadly sins. The seven deadly sins are gluttony, wrath, pride, lust, envy, anger, and sloth. One of the deadly sins that are used in the film is lust. At 1:32:32, the men can be seen as sex craven. It is the way they behave resembles the deadly sin, lust. They act like wild animals when they see a woman dancing. Another deadly sin that is use is wrath. At 2:15:45, the workers down below seek revenge on the fake Maria by burning her body. The workers are angry because they believe that their children have died down below. Since the fake Maria told the workers to rebel and destroy the Machines a water activation was activation and the streets where the workers lived were flooded with water.

Metropolis directed by Fritz Lang is an enjoyable film. The themes and the biblical references play a huge part in the film’s plot. The use of a robot or machine-men were uncommon back in his time. But Lang made a great film. A film that has a combination of technology and religion.

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