“keep it together”

the handmaids tale is series where women who are fertile become objects to hold baby’s for families who are unable to have kids. The television series was created by Bruce Miller. The show takes place in the united stater of America. this show has a very dark feel to it, what it does, is make you think can this actually happen to the united states.  in the beginning all you see is a family in a car driving away to what you think is the police. The fear that you see in the father and mothers eyes is captivating in the sense of why they are in such distress.

the show starts off with an alarming scene and as it progresses it leaves you in a scene of stress and discomfort leaving you on edge. The women is is then taken away from her child and is knocked out and put in a van. She is brought to a facility were there are other women some dressed as her other dressed in red dresses and a white bonnet. sitting on desks as if they were in school listening to a teacher in a classroom waiting to be told what is next. the women inside the room were between there teenage years till there early thirties maybe. the room that they were in was surrounded by men holding guns.

The whole first episode had me on edge enraged with anger as to why women are being treated as dolls to have kids for others. the show makes me feel like with this disgusting thing of how to treat women that there is also capitalism. When she and this other women were going to the store everything was the same. There was nothing distinct except for the fact that they had oranges for the first time. there was also the fact that there is no currency just stamps for with the picture of the product they wanted to buy. The way the handmaids carry themselves as if it where normal for them to just go grocery shopping .

This Show is insane the way women who are able to have kids are used and how they are under appreciated, unable to have feeling, unable to have a voice , unable to be who they are, just because they are able to have kids. then there are men who are referred as “I” who make sure the handmaids don’t run way. everything is just unbelievable, there is also a women who is in charge of the handmaids thinking what she is doing is right then saying that god has blessed these women that is blasphemy not  a blessing from god. The show is just unnerving and aggravating.

The main character is told to forget about her passed forget she had a kid forget she had a husband, best friend, family and life, if she were to bring it up she would get beat for it if she were to run away she would beat for it. The only reason why she is trying to stay alive is for her kid. shes not going to do anything to get herself hurt she just wants to see her kid and the one thing she keeps on repeating is “keep your shit together”. Yes do that but i would fight back i would not care about if i get killed i would never attempt to even think about being in this predicament i would fight and die trying .

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