Introduction P.B.

Hello All,

My Name is Pedro and I¬†am very interested in the Culinary Arts, Bussiness, Investment, and film. I love to play basketball around¬†my neighboorhood. and I enjoy going to the movies, parks, museums, and dining out occasionally. I desire to be in an influential position within 5-10 years so I could be able to help those who motivated me and helped me throughout my whole life. I hope¬†to achieve that by accomplishing my dreams of owning my own chain of restaurants. So I work as a Culinary Educator for the NYC Department of Health & Mental Hygiene. I help teach nutritional¬†lessons including¬†demoing a recipe¬†for participants to help get them to eat healthy¬†using their local farmer’s markets. During the winter break, I may work as much as I can and also try to visit my friend on the west coast, San Fransico.

My weaknesses as a writer¬†are organizing¬†my ideas and writing¬†and structuring my essays around those ideas. As a reader, I don’t¬†like to read lengthy¬†passages. Strengths¬†for thinking are I do come up with ideas to write about and I thinking of different perspectives on each topic and I¬†tend to overthink a lot¬†about it after so a weakness. I enjoy critical¬†thinking especially when a topic such as Scifi allows us as individuals to think beyond our comfort zones educationally, socially, culturally, etc. some of the professors¬†in my department¬†use open lab¬†and I’ve¬†had a lot of classes were I’ve¬†had to use open lab¬†to post assignments comments, access information, etc. Sci-fiction, Comedy, and Fiction are my favorite genres of literature. I believe science-fiction¬†is very interesting because it allows¬†for me to wonder what my ear future can possibly¬†be or may become. Scienfiction is connected with my major. Places like Disneyworld and Universal Studios combine sci-fiction, animation and a variety of other subjects into one place. Bringing people from all¬†over the world to enjoy sci-fi. Actually opening a sci-fi¬†themed restaurant¬†doesn’t¬†sound bad and it’s not the first one.

I expect to encounter pieces of literature that I can enjoy reading which I barely do and also find some films that might catch my interest and make me more of fan to sci-fi.

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  1. Jill Belli

    Thanks Pedro for this introduction, and welcome to the course! I enjoyed learning more about your major and how it relates to your work as a Culinary Education, and also about the connections you made between Science Fiction and the hospitality industry.


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