Final Course Reflection

Writing Task/Purpose
As you know, reflecting on your experiences/writing/thinking/learning has been a large and important part of our course. Therefore, your final exam / essay for the course is a final reflection that is a cumulative, holistic reflection on your experiences in the course this semester, including your struggles, triumphs, and growth as a reader, writer, thinker, and student. There is no “right” way to do this, though your reflection should be a thorough and thoughtful piece of writing, and should be 2-3 pages, single-spaced.

In addition to discussion how you have grown in your understanding of science fiction and your ability to understand, analyze, and write about the genre, you should also reflect on how what you have learned in this course helps you to think more critically about the world (if it has) and to become a stronger writer.

You should also reflect on your experiences in the course itself, which of course provides an opportunity to reflect on the course itself: the course materials (texts we read, themes we discussed, science fiction as a genre), use of class time, use of OpenLab (blogging, commenting, class discussions, class notes, People’s Choice, Professor’s Picks), assignments, teaching style, quizzes/exams, peer review, group discussion, conferences with the professor, presentations, etc. This is an honest / substantive reflection, so you should discuss things you enjoyed and that you think went well in the course (and your participation it), and you should also feel free to “constructively” critique aspects of the course (including teaching methods, texts, assignments) you feel could be altered to better serve students in future semester. I take this feedback into account as I plan future courses/syllabi (and I will be teaching ENG 2420 and other related courses many times in the future, so I am particularly interested in knowing your level of interest in/excitement about the course content and methods). I thank you in advice for your candid, constructive/helpful helpful evaluations of the course.

Due Date
This mandatory reflection is due no later than 2:30pm on the last day of class, Thursday, December 20th. You should submit via this Dropbox link as a Word document before the deadline (label it, “First Name Last Name, Final Course Reflection”) AND bring one printed copy to class with you on 12/20.

If you do not submit by the deadline, you will receive no credit for the work. Late assignments will not be accepted.


This final course reflection takes the place of your final exam, and asks you to synthesize and critically describe / evaluate your experiences in the course. It counts as 15% of your overall course grade. Although this is a personal reflection, it is not “anything goes” and, like Essay 1, it requires a significant amount of brainstorming / drafting / revision. The assignment requires you to turn a critical eye on the course (which requires you engage with it, even if you did not enjoy all aspects of it), your experiences, and, most significantly, yourself. You will be evaluated on the completeness, complexity, specifics, and thoughtfulness of your reflections as well as the quality of your writing (e.g., organization, topic sentences, transitions, sentence-level style & correctness).

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