Days of Futures Past : The Sequel

Once again my class was given the opportunity to go into the archive  on Thursday October 18th, 2018. I had felt like I was going back in time once again to relive my first experience. Here is my reflection of my second visit.

What I first did was touch and pull out random books  from the shelves. As I said before in my previous blog, the books were thin and hard to take out because there was some much books on one shelf, especially that we had to be careful of taking them out because some of them were so old.  I was trying to find an intriguing book to read or skim through . As I was looking at the shelves , I see series of books, a few encyclopedias of science fiction , pulp  magazines, few classic comics.I was surprised that the there were fantasy novels  mixed with science fiction. On of the novels I picked up and saw was the Lord of the Rings  written by J.R.R Tolkien, which is a fantasy novel. I was so excited because I never read the books , but I watched the all there  movies. and they were awesome . The book itself was the trilogy ( The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, and The Return Of The King ). However, the preface says that the book shouldn’t be mistaken for a trilogy , while it is in fact six books . I had held on to that book and still look around for any more interesting novels . As I kept pulling books out , I was curious about all these authors because I wanted to know where they get their ideas from, who inspired them , and how long did it take to write their novel or novels . Some books I looked through were just articles and reviews of other science fiction books and magazines. I think my greatest fasnation was the that some book or plups where in plastic covering. I wanted to pull on out , but I was prohibited to because it was a rare edition , supposedly its the last of its kind .  Going back to the fantasy genre , I wondered why was the fansty  intertwined with science fiction. What commonality or relationships did both genre shared. di one influence the other or where they a competing genre . As I said before , these authors was thinking way beyond their time,  giving birth to the possibility of  “what if this happened ” and could have educated the reader in the science atmosphere as well. 

Furthermore, I had a lot of curiosity. For one instance,  I had asked to myself  why was it essential to preserve all these books? what the purpose? If its for research , then what are they researching for? Especially that the anonymous donor gave all these books to my university. I had taken the Lord Of The Rings trilogy out of the library and started to read it. I was only able to read the genesis of the hobbits and the adjacent kingdoms that had affected their tribe . After that the class left the archive . 

On the whole, the experience primarily gave us more time to look through the archive and see which book was the most intriguing. However, I still have questions like is this every single science fiction book in the archive? And can any of the city tech students take one out and read for there time being.  


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