Class Notes 9/20 – The Machine Stops Class Discussion (Continued)


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The Machine Stops Class Discussion (Cont’d)

The machine stops (literal meaning): Breaking down, Neglect of maintenance (physical upkeep), Inheritance (incomplete), Kuno’s influence

If you read a little before and a little after an interesting quote you can gain more context about it

Antecedent – comes before

There were two great developments in the story: Abolishment of respirators and Reestablishment of religion

The machine is referred to as a monster

Progress in the story was purposed for progress of the machine

Kuno could see the big picture and realize that the machine would never last, and its life cycle was nearing its end

Imperfect music used in the story meaning Vashti talking about the interruptions of her music

Impious – Disrespectful

Vashti is blind to the machine and laughs about Kuno telling of the machine’s imminent failure



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