Class Notes: 12/6/2018

Due Tuesday

  • Lightning presentations on your research project. Come prepared with your PowerPoint, Keynote, Prezi, etc.
  • Work on final course reflection
  • Work on research project


Class Notes

  • Sajida will take extra credit class notes on the 18th.
  • Vishal will take extra credit class notes on the 20th.


About the Lightning Presentations                                         

  • They are a quick overview on what your project is about.
    • They are short, clear and straight to the point.
    • 2-3 mins long and roughly 3 slides.
    • Include citations, titles, pictures and works cited page.
    • Be prepared to take questions at the end.
  • Make sure everything in your presentation makes sense, including your sources and topic.
  • The presentations files will not be collected, so bring them in via flash drive or email
  • Although this presentation is ungraded, 20 points will be deducted from the final presentation if you do not do it (thank you, Stanley).
  • Email the professor before meeting if you want to talk more about your project (including the abstract, cover letter and presentation).
    • Although there are no classes next Thursday, the professor is still available to meet.


Suggestions for the Lightning and Final Presentations

  • During the presentations, video tape yourself so you can see how to improve yourself.
  • Record and talk to yourself if you can’t figure out what to say for your topic. Simply ask yourself questions and create a discussion, then play it back and listen.
  • Practice your presentation so that you do not go over the 3 min mark.


About the Cover Letter and Abstract

  • In the cover letter, you may discuss how the peer reviews, meetings and revisions changed your thinking process for the project.
  • The abstract summarizes your main points/arguments. It is 3rd person and approximately 350 words (315 to 380 words)

During class, we discussed the guest editorial and gave our own point of views on it.

One thought on “Class Notes: 12/6/2018

  1. Jill Belli

    Thanks for these notes Chris! One thing they don’t cover, however, is the discussion we had in class on the Analog editorial. Can you edit these notes to include that (and reach out to your classmates for help, to crowdsource the notes, if you need help)? Thanks!


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