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Science Fictions Impact on Real World Technology

Science fiction has a great impact on real world technology. Especially when it comes to robots and androids. In our current world robots hold a lot of responsibilities and functions. From robot arms that now assemble auto parts into cars. To programmed robots that hold various functions. Like being used to navigate an airspace and disarm a live bomb threat. These robots wouldn’t exist if the idea of a robot was not introduced in science fiction. In present time there are works of  science fiction literature and cinema that push the boundaries on what a robot is and could be. In the present time with the evolution of technology literature has taken a back seat to what Cinema can provoke in the mind of a viewer with a variety of literal imagery. Robots now can be molded to higher expectations and exceed previous molds. Like being able to only destroy or hold a specific task.

In the present robots hold more than just one function, that’s where A.I. comes to play. Artificial Intelligence is commonly related to robots and vice versa. With artificial intelligence and the technological advances and pushes humanity has developed since the start of civilization. A.I. is a reality that scares many and terrifies more. With popular sci fi films like the terminator franchise where a.i. and robots collide to rid the world of the human race. A fear that many in have in our society. And deeply fear becoming reality. A.I.s are in the back burner for many tech companies who can not control language barriers between it and other machines. Avoiding any apocalyptic events like those in the terminator franchise. Essentially A.I.s themselves were considered a fictional technological advancement something implausible. But now that they are a reality and kept locked away because of man made fears there potential and impact are held to a minimum. Although it’s notable the impact robots have on the world and humanity.



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This article talks about robots and how they existed in science fiction before they became reality. An a general thought about the influence robots have and had in science fiction literature and reality. This article helps me build a foundation for my topic.


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This article explores the impact science fiction works of art negative portrayal of robots has on society. And how most of society being anti robot is driven by fear of what these weapons are. This article can provide a political type of view point for me.


Elliott, Stuart W. “Artificial Intelligence, Robots, and Work: Is This Time Different? As technological innovation has eliminated many types of jobs over the past few centuries, `  economies have evolved to create new jobs that have kept workers well employed. Is there reason to worry that the future will be different?” Issues in Science and Technology, vol. 35, no. 1, 2018, p. 40+. Academic OneFile, Accessed 28 Nov. 2018.

This article talks about the impact of A.I.s and robots on jobs across the world. This article will help me by having a different viewpoint on the impact of both.


Griffin, Andrew. “Facebook Robots Shut down after They Talk to Each Other inLanguage Only They Understand.” The Independent, Independent Digital News and  Media, 21 Nov. 2018,

This article gives a brief overview on facebook’s A.I. and its secrete language only it could understand and other machines it communicated with. This article will be useful for me giving me background on A.I. fears