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Final presentation 

Tuesday 12/18/18.                  Thursday 12/20/18

  1. Chris                                         1. Justin
  2. Tyler                                         2. Phoenixx
  3. Vishal                                       3. Sajida
  4. Shange                                     4. Stanely 
  5. Pedro                                        5. Mohammad


Points to remember while doing research:

  • Could you say a little more about your topic¬†
  • Introduce your topic and your name¬†
  • explain what you’re doing¬†
  • Explain the significant¬†
  • Be more specific why is it important¬†
  • Connection to the sci-fi world
  • Don‚Äôt take anything for granted ¬†
  • Give background on your topic
  • Set a timer and keep a timer for yourself¬†
  • In text situations¬†
  • Images must be sighted¬†
  • Bring the research in¬†
  • Have a hook¬†
  • Part of your grade is being a good listener¬†
  • speak loud and clear
  • own your topic¬†
  • Make sure to site and it won‚Äôt be excepted if there is now inside the citation¬†
  • 5 W‚Äôs¬†

Questions you should think about before the presentation 

things to keep in mind before and during the presentation:


It’s connection to sci-fi¬†

Be prepared to ask questions 

You should know your topic  

Connect the dots for the reader 

Print your slides and notes out 

You can only put work sited if you talk about the work

Extra work consulted 


Announcements :                                                                                                                             Thursday 12/6/18 work on research projects                                                                                             analog editorial and class discussion due  Wednesday 12/5/18                                                              (bring west world notes)                                                                                                                          Tuesday 12/11/18 : lighting presentation (preview)                                                                                  Thursday 12/13/18 reading day  (NO CLASS)                                                                                            Tuesday 12/18/18 and Thursday 12/20/18 (presentations) ALL PRESENTATIONS ARE DUE TUESDAY                                                                                                                                           Thursday 12/20/18 final course reflection (no exam)                                                                              * conference with Prof.Belli this week                                                                                                      also available next week                                                                                                                            Tuesday: before 2:30pm                                                                                                                              Wednesday: 12:30-2:30                                                                                                                                  Thursday: 12:30 and on

Research:                                                                                                                                                           -background (key terms, definitions, context)                                                                                             research/ summary heavy                                                                                                                           Рdevelopment / so what / argument (claims/ analysis- heavy)                                                               Рevaluate/ operational sources                                                                                                                     Рhelp (peers, online, Prof.Belli, library, learning center)

artificial intelligence (revised)

in science fiction artificial intelligence is always connected to the future. that with artificial intelligence everything will become better, with it comes an easier lifestyle or a easy way to do things. Artificial intelligence is always a way to perceive a better way of life for the future generations to come. In science fiction artificial intelligence is looked in different lenses good or bad. artificial intelligence still has a long way to go if it is compared to stories in science fiction and technology only has progressed a lot in the early 2000 till now but is not as strong as it is perceived in science fiction  novels.

artificial intelligence has come a long way from what it was t what it is now, yes technology  has excelled to various degrees but artificial intelligence has still a long way to go to what it is now there are many different things artificial intelligence is used for weather it be used medically, for entertainment and leisure there ore so many things that artificial intelligence has a role in .


in this article artificial intelligence is talked about in the scene of how it can improve the future and it doesn’t only have to be used in science but also for business in helping the future of it.

in this article artificial intelligence is talked about in the scene that it is humanly possible and that one day it would be accessible to have an AI that has the form of a human being.


When registering for classes I was to take another writing-intensive course while looking for one I found a science fiction course and sad this seems interesting¬† I should take the class. It is a good thing I did because without it I would have never learned about a topic that is very intriguing. The first time that I was exposed to the idea of Artificial¬†intelligence was When I watched the show called ¬†“The 100” developed by¬† Jason Rothenberg loosely¬†based on the novel by¬†Kass Morgan. The show takes place 100 years after a nuclear war destroyed the earth making¬†anyone who could make it off the planet in time live in a ship called the arc. life is well in space but there are too many people to supply on the arc. the show goes on and 100 teen delinquents¬†are sent down to earth and have to learn how to survive¬†and live.¬†

Throughout the show, you learn about the future¬†and what happened¬†to planet earth and in one of the seasons they introduce¬†artificial intelligence and I didn’t¬†understand what it really was. When the semester started and as classes came by in are science fiction classes we were to read and it brought up the topic of artificial intelligence. Hearing that word made me remember the show and I understood the word and what it meant. Then when reading in class different stories of science fiction it made me realize¬†how interesting the topic really is and I started thinking of books I read and shows I watched that where science fiction and one thing over and over that was brought to my attention was artificial¬†intelligence¬†and with that I had an idea of what want my research paper is going to be about.


this website is about humans and how they are able to do small tasks as small as washing your hands, jumping, and walking and it talks about how they want to be able to create machines that are able to do these things as simple as humans can.

Benefits & Risks of Artificial Intelligence

this website talks about the pros and cons of artificial intelligence and how it affects the world today and how it can affect the world in the future for the generations to come. the website also talks about the safety of it as a whole.

This website talks about the mind and the simples tasks of reading and understanding and how it is so hard for regular computers to do this tasks as easily  as regular people can.

“keep it together”

the handmaids tale is series where women who are fertile become objects to hold baby’s for families who are unable to have kids. The television series was created by Bruce Miller. The show takes place in the united stater of America. this show has a very dark feel to it, what it does, is make you think can this actually happen to the united states.¬† in the beginning all you see is a family in a car driving away to what you think is the police. The fear that you see in the father and mothers eyes is captivating in the sense of why they are in such distress.

the show starts off with an alarming scene and as it progresses it leaves you in a scene of stress and discomfort leaving you on edge. The women is is then taken away from her child and is knocked out and put in a van. She is brought to a facility were there are other women some dressed as her other dressed in red dresses and a white bonnet. sitting on desks as if they were in school listening to a teacher in a classroom waiting to be told what is next. the women inside the room were between there teenage years till there early thirties maybe. the room that they were in was surrounded by men holding guns.

The whole first episode had me on edge enraged with anger as to why women are being treated as dolls to have kids for others. the show makes me feel like with this disgusting thing of how to treat women that there is also capitalism. When she and this other women were going to the store everything was the same. There was nothing distinct except for the fact that they had oranges for the first time. there was also the fact that there is no currency just stamps for with the picture of the product they wanted to buy. The way the handmaids carry themselves as if it where normal for them to just go grocery shopping .

This Show is insane the way women who are able to have kids are used and how they are under appreciated, unable to have feeling, unable to have a voice , unable to be who they are, just because they are able to have kids. then there are men who are referred as “I” who make sure the handmaids don’t run way. everything is just unbelievable, there is also a women who is in charge of the handmaids thinking what she is doing is right then saying that god has blessed these women that is blasphemy not¬† a blessing from god. The show is just unnerving and aggravating.

The main character is told to forget about her passed forget she had a kid forget she had a husband, best friend, family and life, if she were to bring it up she would get beat for it if she were to run away she would beat for it. The only reason why she is trying to stay alive is for her kid. shes not going to do anything to get herself hurt she just wants to see her kid and the one thing she keeps on repeating is “keep your shit together”. Yes do that but i would fight back i would not care about if i get killed i would never attempt to even think about being in this predicament i would fight and die trying .

Science fiction class notes


  • when posting a blog you are to choose¬†a category make sure not to use category sticky because if you do your work be on top and stay on top.
  • midterm pushed a week to the 29th of October¬†

freewriting topic: 

how would you compare progress from “American progress” and how they progressed to “there will come soft rain”, what is the status of the progress in the city “there will come soft rain”

Class discussion: 

what is the story about?

“There will come soft rains”

  • mechanical¬†mice scurry around the house to clean
  • it’s a house that cant fulfill¬†its purpose¬†it was meant¬†to do¬†
  • it’s a post-apocalyptic¬†story¬†
  • the setting takes place in Allendale California, August 5, 2026 ¬†

we question if the world is destroyed what then?


apocalypse: the complete final destruction of the world 

science fiction: 

  • ¬† “unreal things that could be real in our world in the future”¬†
  • “what if what could be and that can help us think about what’s right now and how our choices¬†after”


August,4, 2026

“August 2026: There Will Come Soft Rains” written by Ray Bradbury is an interesting short story which was written in the year 1950. The short story takes place in the year 2026, in Allendale, California.¬† Where there is no in site and there is only one house that stand in the middle of the city because everything surrounding the house is in rune.This house in particular is a smart house, where there is a machines that makes you breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The house is also self cleaning and has a builtin system that is like us in modern day Alexa, google home, and apple dot.

The smart house starts they day with an alarm telling you the time and date, and everything throughout the house is based on time. There is a given time to every thing at seven o’clock breakfast is ready with fresh food made by a machine. By eight o’clock the house tells you that you will be late and that you need to leave. and as time goes on there are mechanical mice that clean the house the kitchen cleans the dishes its self. everything in this house is self preserving, where when one thing is done like breakfast there is a protocol that the house automatically follows making sure everything is being taken care of by its self with no need to press a button or even lift a finger it already knows what to do.

What makes this story interesting is there is are no humans, there once was but are no more because of a nuclear war and radiation. the only reason to make this assumption is because¬† in the story it is said “The entire west face of the house was black, save for five places.” and then goes on to say”Here the silhouette in paint of a man mowing a lawn. Here,as in a photograph, a woman bent to pick flowers. Still farther over, their images burned on wood in one titanic instant, a small boy, hands flung into the air; higher up, the image of a thrown ball,and opposite him a girl, hands raised to catch a ball which never came down” which indicates that there was some sort of explosion that lead to this making these 5 silhouettes on the west face of the house.

The house has a sensing system maybe through voice which makes it know who is on the front door or around the house. An example is when the house is able to know that the dog is at the door and can open it fro him to come into the house. While if it were any other animal the house would not have opened the door.

When reading this short story by Ray Bradbury it reminded me of the movie the smart house which was made in the year 1999. The difference is that the movie came with a robot and the house everything is built in to it so there is no need for a robot. Both however have the same idea when it comes to the smart house.

“The mediator between brain and hands must be the heart”

The silent film created 1927 metropolis by Fritz Lang. The movie takes place¬† preserving how cities would look like in the future. where rich people known as the ” The club of the sons” lived a care free life style where nothing mattered and there was no such thing as stress. While there are people who are called the works and by this you guessed it they do all the work while the rich thrive.

As the film continues to unfold you can make a prediction in how the story line will be. There are two types of classes you could say the upper class and the lower class there is no median between them. the lower class would be considered the works, the upper class being The club of the sons. both of these classes have extraordinarily different life styles. One life style being lavish and free with no care in the world, the other being dark, gloomy, unhappy, overbearing and miserable. For the worker all they do is work they have very long sifts and there not tended to or cared for. At (14:59) you see that there is a worker who is so tired that is about to fall because of how over worked, malnourished and under looked  he is that he could no longer do his job till the moment that he does collapse and the machine he is working on reaches over its limit and it over heated or over pressurized because of it not being well kept. when Freder sees the women with the kids leaving he asks who was she and know one had an answer so he followed after her and is in shock when he see the machine malfunction and it scares him to when he comes back from the under world of where all the works work he goes to his father and talks to him about  what he saw.

What sad about the film is Freder’s father is the top person of the city. He controls what happens and is to be informed when something does not go right or something does not go the way it is supposed to. When Freder’s father found out what happened in the depths he turned to his head man and asked him why he did not tell him and when the father finds out from the worker that there where plans found in the works pockets he turns to his head man and tells him that he is let go and that he no longer works for him when you are let go from your job that means you are to work in the depths that there is no other place for you on the land above ground meaning shunned from the upper world society.

worlds that are built like this leads to failed and destruction of a government society anything in general when there is no compromise or equality there is always going to be a rebellion in these are always to be fair because if not then know there will always be corruption.

The Machine Stops

”The Machine Stops” is a story written by the E. M. Forster. The stories time period takes place years into the future where the earth has become an abandoned wasteland and all its natural resources gone. Leaving the earth to perish and ruins. LIfe in the future takes place far underground and life is ruled and controlled by a machine.

When reading the first paragraph or two you begin to wonder if Vashti sick and in a mechanical wheelchair who is also teaching a class, but when you read on there is a better understanding of what is going on. When receiving what is to be believed a phone call from her son Kuno there is a sense of realization that it’s the future. The interesting thing is when Kuno starts talking about calling saying she is either busy or isolated you get an eerie feeling about how society has evolved.

The story hits you with a realization of how life could be in the future for humanity. when I continue reading you realize how much society has evolved and what has become of society. The way they live in a room, where everything is a click away literally to take a  bath, you throw a book and it has gone to give lectures and communicate with life is all in one place. The whole idea is kind of scary where is the scene of adventure what happened to exploring and discovering new thing. when reading that they kill babies that are to grow and have the sense of being athletic is not an option or a question.

When Kuno asks his mother to visit him she has a sense of fear. The understanding that she doesn’t like to leave her room is unsettling. To be scared of going through a tunnel that you have not been through since you gave birth is outrageous. There is fear of the unknown, but there should not be fear of going to visit your son because when traveling and seeing the real sky gives you no ideas or interesting things to talk about. How is it the future is meant to be the turning point if everyone is so secluded and to themselves.

The interesting was when reading this i thought of the movie Walli. Where all of civilization is gone and the earth is left in ruins. All that is left on earth is a robot that collects nicknacks.The only difference between the movie and the story is that instead of the story taking place in space like the movie it takes place underground. Both worlds are surrounded by technology that runs there lives.Within the movie and the story there are characters that begin to understand and wonder what life would be on the surface of the earth.

When Koun tells his Vashti that he is to become homeless for searching and exploring to find ways to get to the surface of the earth. Without the means of going through the system to go to the surface of the earth and basically is faced with death because he is curious to see what the surface is like is sad.In all life should not evolve in such a way that there is no longing to see and explore new things and machinery should not have control of what you can and can not do.