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The Machine Stops Blog #1

The machine stops by E.M Foster  has a very complex beginning. During the first page of the reading  it is not known if Vashti is disabled or not, but as story goes on it known that she is a lecturer. She has a son whom name is Kuno.  Both being very intelligent, but with completely different perspectives of life. One being extremely disobedient with the idea of the “Machine”, as for the mom being very careful of the way she speaks about the machine

The “Machine” is essentially the most powerful. It has extinguished all religions, and has created a religion, acclaiming itself a “GOD” People rely a lot in the progression the machine has given them.For example in (pg3) it states “there were buttons and switches everywhere- buttons to call for food for music, for clothing”.  I can compare this to this generation, with the use of technology. A lot of the younger generation are less socially active and active at that, to the point where  food delivery is brought to your home. Online shopping has given our society an opportunity to shop without stepping out of your house. A lot of similarities are seen in the story as is now.                                                                                                                                                In the story it details how people think alike, and people like Kuno are seen as rebellious for thinking otherwise. In pg 9, (It was supposed that no one but the god could exist above their summits. How we have advanced, thanks to the Machine!!!!) Her praise of the machine is what upsets her son. Thus her disowning him for his way of thinking. This can be similar to the way of thinking of Colin Kaepernick. His way of protesting the system has brought an outrage in  White America.

I believe this story has a lot truth, and similarities to today. A lot of people are being brainwashed into believing stuff, and thinking inside the same mold. Although technology has helped us progress a lot, it has also taken us back in a way socially.