artificial intelligence (revised)

in science fiction artificial intelligence is always connected to the future. that with artificial intelligence everything will become better, with it comes an easier lifestyle or a easy way to do things. Artificial intelligence is always a way to perceive a better way of life for the future generations to come. In science fiction artificial intelligence is looked in different lenses good or bad. artificial intelligence still has a long way to go if it is compared to stories in science fiction and technology only has progressed a lot in the early 2000 till now but is not as strong as it is perceived in science fiction  novels.

artificial intelligence has come a long way from what it was t what it is now, yes technology  has excelled to various degrees but artificial intelligence has still a long way to go to what it is now there are many different things artificial intelligence is used for weather it be used medically, for entertainment and leisure there ore so many things that artificial intelligence has a role in .


in this article artificial intelligence is talked about in the scene of how it can improve the future and it doesn’t only have to be used in science but also for business in helping the future of it.

in this article artificial intelligence is talked about in the scene that it is humanly possible and that one day it would be accessible to have an AI that has the form of a human being.

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