Archive Trip #2

Guidlines for archive:

  • Only take out one book at a time
  • Don’t touch/take out older texts that are crumbling or falling apart or texts that are in plastic sleeves 
  • Don’t touch or take out any  of the City Tech archive belongings 
  • No bringing in pens/pencils or food or drinks into the archive 
  • The text to the left of the text you’re taking out must be put down 
  • Don’t use your phone for anything other then in reference to the archive 

Quick Fact:

Magazines that started to be printed after pulp magazine on glossy paper similar to what we see now a days were called glossies 


Write a blog post reflecting on your experience in the archive focusing more on the texts and emotional experience instead of just the physical experience. 

Extra Credit:

Write a blog post for National Day of Writing on why you write. Must be turned in on Saturday 20 October. If written before then make sure to change the publishing date for October 20. 

For Tuesday: 

We will be focusing artificial intelligence and establishing themes. 

We will start reviewing for the mid term after Tuesday 

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