Alternate Future Revised

In the world of science fiction, the topic Alternate Future is quite confusing and broad. According to Business Dictionary, Alternate Future is a concept that individuals or more suggests using their foresight and by making their decision they can select from many different possibilities to reach where they want to reach. However, that is still quite vague and broad. There are many ways to describe Alternate Future. For example, it is the same thing as a parallel universe and an Apocalyptic world that is similar to ours. These topics are shown in Doctor Who, The Incredibles, Fallout (Series), and Superman: Red Son. All these are set in either a parallel world or an Apocalyptic world that is similar to ours.

Even though, Alternate Future is broad I want to argue why it is important in our lives. With just the idea of Alternate Future we can create better futures for ourselves. It makes us think of the question “What if?”. It helps us think different ways that leads to more solutions. Alternate Future lets us imagine, gives us creativity. People are thinking all the time. Every time we think of something that we don’t do but can do creates an Alternate Future. So, I want to argue how it is important in our daily lives and how it can help us move toward the future.





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