A Recipe For Disaster

Westworld is a science fiction tv series. It takes place in another world, where human technologies have evolved to the point that humans can create a “virtual reality.” Through the use of human-like robots with artificial consciousness, humans are given free reign in this futuristic amusement park, able to play out their wildest dreams and desires. However, this free reign will lead to human downfall.

First and foremost, while watching the first season fist episode of this tv series, I am flabbergasted by the ideas of the two inventors, Bernard Lowe and Robert Ford. There is nothing wrong with creating human-listic robots, given that the proper precautions are taken. Now, I am not talking about the guards and clean-up crews, but real laws and regulations that should be followed by the players. One should know that most humans, not all, are worse than animals if given the opportunity to let loose, for we are creatures of insatiable desires; rape, murder, and violence are all part of what we are. This futuristic park satisfied the conditions, for they are there to gratify desires of humans who pay to visit their world (00:10:52). Without laws, morals, and consequences to keep humans intact, it is only obvious that we would indulge in desires, and turn to something unrecognizable.

I agree with Ashley Stubbs’s, head of Westworld security, words to Bernard, “You don’t have kids at home, do you, Bernard? If you did, you’d know that they all rebel eventually” (00:18:43). These robots are like a “growing boy,” they absorb the actions and knowledge around them, and are shaped by them (39:32). If we are to pair up self-conscious robots and the dark side of humans, it is a recipe for disaster. Just like how abused slaves under the hands of a tyrannic master will rebel, these self-aware robots are the same. These “violent delights have violent ends” (1:04:00).

While watching this episode, I have never liked Bernard or Ford, to me, they seem too obsessed with upgrading these robots to human standards. Do they even know what they are doing? They may think that they are creating perfection robots, but by giving them subconsciousness and intelligence, they have gone beyond the creation of a tool, instead of an lifeless object for the sake of serving humans, they are creating a whole new species. As with every species, these machines would have their own will, desires, and freedom. As stated before, a “violent end” is only a matter of time when these new species’s lives cross paths with the humans.

Perhaps it is human egoism that truly sets their end. Despite the repeated faults coming up with the robots throughout the episode, they believe that everything is under their control, for the robots are programmed by them. These pride and self-confident creates a world of free indulgence that blinds them to the ever evolving robots.

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