A Rapidly Growing World

Science fiction is a broad subject matter that attempts to tackle many of our unanswered questions. When I think about what Science fiction consists of I usually think about what it means to be alive or what makes a person alive and usually when in context to science fiction this trope talks about a world were humanity is being taken over by man made machines that have become indistinguishable to humanity it self.  My research project will try to tackle the development of how man tries to defy our natural environment. By this I mean humanities inability to conform to how the world tries to regulate population. As scary of a topic and at the same time slightly clinical it is inarguable that humanities population is steadily growing to the point where it is starting to become difficult to sustain such large populations of humans.

Throughout science fiction this such problem is constantly faced both in a post apocalyptic setting like in Children of Men  where humanity is no longer able to bare children for unknown reasons, but one can also this sort of problem being faced in stories like “The Last Question” where although man is aware that humanity is coming to an end because of their inability to decreases there rapidly growing population they still go ahead and figure out way for man to become immortal.

Although both these stories are taken from hypothetical worlds they still reflect what people in the real world are thinking. With the help of document such as “The Perils of Population Growth” by Aziz Haniffa one starts to understand that this idea of the dangers of population growth isn’t a new one. Along with dangers is the amount of people living on Earth being dangerous the problem doesn’t stop there because with larger populations the growth of pollution also grows. When people think about the growth of a world its difficult to really see the bigger picture what this could mean. One hardly thinks about the fact that with larger populations the water supplies and natural resources start to dwindle as well. In the ” The World Water Crisis and International Security” written by Harald Frederiksen these such problems come into question.

Not only does man question the consequences of what rapid population growth can mean for humanity but we also look for way to outsmart our in environment as well in “Dome, sweet home: climate shelters past, present and future” written by Rachael Squire ect.  its clear  that man is trying to find other viable alternatives for when the earth becomes unsustainable. Its difficult to think so deep into the future that we see all the faults that man has been accountable for but when it comes to population growth it starts to become abundantly clear that this problem branches out into many more.


Asimov Isaac November 1956  “The Last Question” https://openlab.citytech.cuny.edu/belli-f2018-eng2420/files/2018/10/The-Last-Question-Issac-Asimov.pdf

This story tells of a future where the world is constantly changing. Over the cores of millions of a years a question is constantly asked and its how does humanity prevent the decay of the universe only for the question to be solved once  man is no longer around.

Frederiksen, H. D. (2009). THE WORLD WATER CRISIS AND INTERNATIONAL SECURITY. Middle East Policy, 16(4), 76-89. doi:http://dx.doi.org/10.1111/j.1475-4967.2009.00416.x

This article talks about the dangers of population growth.More importantly it speaks to the dangers and affects of population growth and how due to it mans natural resources are blundering. This article also approaches how all of the world is in danger of being affected by such problems.

Haniffa, Aziz. (1994, Mar 25). The perils of population growth. India Abroad Retrieved from https://search.proquest.com/docview/362712268?accountid=28313

This article addresses the problems with population growth and the rapid acceleration at which it is being done. It also sheds light on the consequences of population in places such as India.

James P.D Published 1992  Children of Men https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Children_of_Men#References

This wiki pages gives you a general look of what the story is about. This story is about a dystopian future that no longer is capable of baring children.

Squire Rachael ,ect. 23 NOVEMBER 2018  Dome, sweet home: climate shelters past, present and future from https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-018-07513-8

This article approaches how man is trying to face the rapid population problem as well as the problem of our depleting planet by finding alternative living situations. It also approaches our history with seeking alternative means for a hospitable living environment.


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