A mimicking mind

In “The Star” its interesting how people are shown as copies of each other with no real further thinking. “And voice after voice repeated, “It is nearer,” and the clicking telegraph took that up, and it trembled along telephone wires, and in a thousand cities grimy compositors fingered the type. “It is nearer.”(2). Throughout the entirety of the story its constantly repeated by many how the star approaches and at the same time no one does anything about it. Most people take on an approach  of resignation and choose rather to stare at the unknown approaching rather then figure out what to do.In a lot of ways I think people are very much still the same but at the same time I feel like this story didn’t really capture what its really like to be human because curiosity has fueled who we are as people and I find it hard to believe that people wouldn’t really question what was happening to there world.

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