Flaws Of The Society In Metropolis

The Metropolis is a silent film directed by Fritz Lang in 1927, and it tells the story of a futuristic dystopian world where people are separated into two distinct classes: the workers and the wealthy. Just from this, we can already predict that there are many fatal flaws in this society that will eventually lead to its downfall.

Starting off, the workers in this film are treated inhumanely, and there are many ways to describe them. In the beginning of the film, we see the workers all walking a moving in straight, uniformed lines with matching outfits and grave expressions (00:04:28). Personally, when I looked at them, my first thoughts are that they look like zombies with their dragging feet and face full of weariness. They look like they are ready to die on their feet in the next second. Another comparison is that it is only way too easy to link the workers to vermin and draft animal with the way they are packed tightly into a small apartment complex (00:06:42), reminding people of a nest full of rats or barn full of domestic animals. Furthermore, their lack of individualism makes them look like even more of machine-parts than humans. This is emphasized in the way that people that are dead are switched immediately as though it is as simple as switching a battery. This inhumane slavery of the people has been seen many times in the past history, and they all lead up to, many times, a violent rebellion. People reap what they sow, without compassion, the people will only know of hatred and violence.

Other than slavery, the lifestyle of these two classes is as different as day and night, as one toils his or her life away in long, laborious hours working on the machine that supports the city, the other enjoys the splendors that the city has to offer. The severe difference in treatment between them is bound to lead to conflict. First and foremost, it is the workers that used their blood, sweat, and flesh to keep the machine going, yet they do not gain any recommendation or partake in the city splendors (01:42:53).  It is normal for a society to be divided into different classes based on different careers, yet, there needs to be a balance for the more laborious workers, be it wage or other benefits. For example, a worker is building a public building, it might be tiring to built one, but it is comforting knowing that they will also be able to use it as well. Even if the workers are building private properties, it is soothing to them that there is a limit and that the pay will be befitting their work. However, with the workers in this dystopian society, they are only exploited day in and day out, there is bound for a breakout of rage sooner or later.

There are some limits that need to be recognize if people do not want a violent outbreak of rebellion, as even a mouse will fight back when driven to the corner, nether the less a human being.

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