Yay The Book Festival

On Sunday, September 17th, I had went to the Brooklyn Book Festival. I got there around 4 p.m because I had to do other very important things first before going out there. When I got there I saw a lot of tables that represent different things like several book stores, printing production companies, and even restaurants. I am not going to lie, I don’t like visiting people talking about their books and how long it took them to write it and why, how, what weather it was when they started it, e.t.c I genuinely enjoyed going to the tables and seeing which different items or trinkets that I can get along with a good book while talking to the people who were representing their store at their table at the same time.  So unfortunately I did not go to any of the talks that they had there.

Nonetheless, I did had a good time visiting the tables. There was a couple of tables that I liked. One, was with this lady who was from the Feral House. Feral house is a printing press production company that has been around since 1989 they also have another printing company that is called Process Media. At their table they had very provocative books about sex and sexuality as in a form of art. They also had coloring books of Prince, David Bowie and Rock and roll. I took their business card because I was interested in their works. I asked them why they published these type of books. The lady said that they tend to publish books that are a little different from the ordinary, like pulp fiction. The next table I went to was the PM Press, they were founded in 2007 and they are more into publishing more of a variety of themes and stories. I like that they had small trinkets at their table.

However, I saved the best for last, at least the best for me. There was this table that I went to that was called Action Burger, (First time i ever heard of it) there was this man named Vlane Carter. He is the owner of it. He said that his restaurant is a comic book, sci-fi and video game themed restaurant and that people can come and play all sorts of  games anytime. Games like cards, video, arcade and board games. It also have themed menus for Hero food and Villain Food. He said that they are expanding to have more room  in their Restaurant. He also stated that( if I heard this correctly) if a customer reads a book they can get a free meal special.  What had gotten my attention was because it is a black owned company and I love to support black own companies as much as I can. He also writes Sci-fi books and comic books. I brought one of his Sci-fi comic book. He is a very nice and friendly gentlemen and because of that experience I am glad that I had went to the Brooklyn Book Festival. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am happy to have been told about this Festival because I do love books, but to meet someone of color who owns his own restaurant and writing his own books adds a little spark to it.  Here is the link to his restaurant if you are interested.



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