Writing Improves Social And Study Skills

Why do I write? Well, to be quite frank, there are multiple reasons as to why I write. Now if I may be one hundred percent honest without judgment, I write mainly because it is a ‘requirement’ to advance academically. I find writing to not be one of my personal interests. I happen to consistently wonder off into space whenever I am writing or even reading. It seems as though writing to many people is to free one’s thoughts, convey a message to someone, or to even improve language or complex use of vocabulary. Although I honestly do not like writing, I have learned to accept the reality of it and I have learned that even if I do not like writing that in doing so there are indirectly other perks to it. For example, when I am writing it translates to me building better structure when speaking. Instead of speaking on a topic in a fast pace, I find it easier to speak with more relevance to whatever it is that I have to say. Another perk will be that when writing study notes for a test it is more likely you’ll remember whatever it is written because instead of just mentally reading it, you are also physically partaking in writing which increases the chances of you remembering what was written/said rather than what was just said. Considering I struggle with tests at times, this seems to be very useful. Now, I know it seems more logical for reading to influence writing. However, when writing I have found the significance towards re-reading my work. This is because most of the time the first draft of an essay or writing assignment is usually all scrambled with full of ideas all over the place. Hence why re-reading your work is important to me because when doing so, you find errors in structure, vocabulary, punctuation, and content. This can lead to better writing skills and then when it comes to reading? It’ll be a piece of cake because you can read the story with the acknowledgment of structure and content and as a result better understand the story.


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  1. Jill Belli

    I like your honesty in this post, describing not your joy of writing but, to paraphrase you, its “indirect posts” and its practical function. Thank you for sharing.


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