Women, Reproduction, Feminists, Extremists All in One Book

In “The Handmaid’s Tale” by Margaret Atwood, our main protagonist, Offred is a handmaid who serves her commander. They are seen as the lowest in the hierarchy and is demanded the most, as they have the potential to give birth to a deprived nation. Given the circumstances that their life is no longer what is was before, they’re trying to blend in. Those who cannot give birth are seen as useless to society, while man is seen as the dominant figure. Man will not be questioned, unless they associate themselves with abortion or homosexuality. Those who live in Gilead, are living under extreme rules. Women are being oppressed by men and is seen nothing more than a mere tool for reproduction.

In Gilead, women do not have a voice unless she is her social ranking in high in the hierarchy. While women aren’t able to voice their opinion, women like Offred, is trying to get impregnated. Being impregnated in this society is seen to be a blessing to their society. I was shocked when reading this: “It’s Janine, telling about how she was gang-raped at fourteen and had an abortion. She told the same story last week. She seemed almost proud of it, while she was telling” (71). She seemed so proud of being a rape victim but was immediately shut down by Aunt Helena.

Given the situation in Gilead, it seems like society has reverted back to a more older past. Women are seen as tools for men to use and are unable to speak their freedom. Their wings are clipped and literally feels like they are trapped in a cage. Those who are able to give birth, are see as dominant and is shown better care than those who cannot.

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