Women in society

In the novel The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood, in parts III-VIII we see a little more into the society of Gilead and how women are regarding. I think for me and other students it has been impactful the way certain actions in the novel take place and are regarded as nothing, or in certain situations the women’s fault. I mean of course of the way these Handmaids are being brainwashed into believing they are indeed a tool to be used over and over again with no regard to what she thinks or feels. The way men have gotten away with rape, and making these women believe it is their fault. The way these women suffer the same and see the same madness taking place but they are all thought to think it is normal. The way they suffer “Last week, Janine burst into tears. Aunt Helena made her kneel at the front of the classroom, hands behind her back, where we could all see her, her red face and dripping nose. Her hair dull blond, her eyelashes so light they seemed not there, the lost eyelashes of someones who’s been in a fire.. none of us wanted to look like that, ever. For a moment, even though we knew what was being done to her, we despised her. Crybaby. Crybaby. Crybaby (Atwood 72)

It is also interesting to see the little bits of memories that Offred has of her past. The things she misses the most, like the changes she had to read and write. The way things looked before and how chairs were set up. The moments she has flashbacks are little moments of peace in the storm of what she is going through. How she has memories in the moments where one would think is suppose to be a moment of pleasure but it is rather just an obligation, Therefore I lie still and picture the unseen canopy over my head. I remember Queen Victoria’s advice to her daughter: Close your eyes and think of England. But this is not England. I wish he would hurry up (Atwood 94)

These women have been going through a lot and it will only be time until we see whether this society will fall on itself and it will all be a horrible piece of history like we have today, or there will be no rescuing and no hope to be had for any of these women. The novel so far is very interesting and as I have mentioned before has a 1984 similarity which I like. The sense of being watched at all times no matter where you are. The feeling that you are not safe even in your own thoughts is something very scaring that we as Americans have had the freedom to think and say as we please. This I think is a privilege that many of us take for granted every single day,

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